Ballroom Dancing | Finding the Perfect Frame, Part II : Let your nose drip on your partner

The perfect frame is something that all male ballroom dancers struggle with (or the lead if you’re a same-sex partner couple). I mean, there’s always a lot going on. Your back needs to be engaged, you need to provide your partner with plenty of room for shaping, and the frame simply should not move. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to keep the forward poise.

This last part is one of the hardest parts because in the effort to provide your partner with plenty of dance space, sometimes the temptation is to lean back a bit. This, of course causes a bit of bow-back, which isn’t good for any part of ballroom dancing. In my last lesson, my instructor told me something that he had said before, but for whatever reason, it sunk in this time.

He said, “Your ballroom poise needs to be as if you have a runny nose and, when it drips, it would drip on your partner.” I know, a pretty gross analogy, but the image sticks in your mind. The funny thing that happened was, I did this and it feels like you are cowering over your partner, but you’re not. The thing is that you feel that you are more forward than you actually are. I did this and my instructor was extremely happy.

The other thing is that, with that position, the swing and sway was easier, I was more steady on my feet, and the dance was much more powerful.

So that’s the thing to remember: drip that snot on your partner for better smooth dancing.

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