Ballroom Dancing Man | Ballroom Sex and does it happen?

One of the things that many wonder about ballroom dance and the intimacy it produces between partners is whether sex happens between partners or between student and teacher. Well before we talk about that, let’s discuss the intimacy and vulnerability that happens between partners as they learn to ballroom dance.

Ballroom dance is a very intimate dance. You have to feel each other’s intentions on such an intimate level that, if it’s a good partnership, a connection is inevitable. You see this all the time when you watch dance shows like Dancing With The Stars where the connection is so close that the stars break down with this person and sometimes even form romantic relationships. Now with teacher and student, this can be because they are pushing someone to do something they never thought they’d be able to do. It can also be that they were never used to having someone push them before either which can lead to a connection through respect. But mostly, dancing and moving through dance has a way of pulling emotions and feelings that a person otherwise wouldn’t allow themselves to feel.

So that discusses how intimacy is formed between student and teacher. How about student to student. Although some of the points above do carry over, this case has more of a social component. Dancing has always been an expression of desire. A desire to be close to somebody, a desire to gain their favor, a desire to just have some time together. Ballroom dance class is a great avenue to achieve all of these goals in a safe environment. It also produces an environment, where, even if just for a little while, you have some alone time with that student that catches your eye.

But all of this doesn’t answer the key question: Does ballroom sex happen? Well, from a teacher-student perspective, I really don’t know. I haven’t seen that dynamic play out. I can say that I have seen some single female instructors look at some male students in a flirtatious manner. Now, how much of that is the game and how much of this real, I really can’t say. On the other hand, from a student to student perspective, I have witnessed a number of couples pair up romantically out of dance class. So from that perspective, yes sex does come out of it sometimes, but not in the hedonistic way that we envision.

That said, I’ll be interested to see what I observe as my wife and I dive deeper in the competitive ballroom dance circuit…

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