Male Ballroom Dancer Confessions | The Perfect Frame

So now that I have told my dance instructor that I’m done playing around and would like to get serious about my dancing, I’ve notice that she has a new energy about me as well (not to mention that she’s starting to kick my butt a little bit more now). The one thing that would improve my dancing tremendously and which is the one thing I’ll be battling for a good time to come is my frame. My particular problem with my frame is that I have one hell of a time keeping my right shoulder back. That is, as I’m dancing with a partner, it gets unlocked and creeps forward. That causes my entire frame to break down taking the dance down with it.

My instructor gave me a couple exercises to work on to help with that. Only time will tell whether they will work or not, but essentially, it’s the back muscles (lats) that need to be engaged to keep a man’s frame one solid unit. If I can only keep that in place, my dancing will improve quite dramatically.

The other big thing that happened this week is that we are going to be working on checking out of Bronze I (my fellow Arthur Murray peeps will know what I’m talking about) in all the major figures in a month. I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on that progress.

Off to work on my frame some more…

Update: I found a fantastic article at on frame essentials. The “locking down your lats” really made a few things clearer. This is still my Achilles Heel.

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