Male Ballroom Dancer Confessions | This is why the Tango is the best dance alive!

I always knew that the smooth ballroom dances were my favorites. It’s partly because you’re in hold most of the time and it’s partly because it’s in these dances where you get to look and behave as an extremely masculine dancer. So you take those fine qualities and add a seduction to the dance where the woman wants you and hates you at the same time (yes, my friends we’re talking passion here) and you have the Tango. The Tango also allows you to channel any fear and uncertain emotions into a dance where you can literally battle them. Your movements are expected to be sharp. You are expected to dominate your partner (and she is supposed to like it). This dance really spoke to me.

Then, I had the pleasure of seeing a fantastic band at a festival here in town. They are called Bajofondo and they create by far the best Tango music I have ever heard. Their members are from Argentina and Uruguay and their style is electro-Tango, but in a good way.

Below is one of my most favorite songs of theirs: Pa’ Bailar. I hope to perform a Tango solo to this song in one of my upcoming dance competitions.


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