USA Dance Expands their offering of NQE’s including Texas and Oklahoma!

For the longest time, one of the biggest drawbacks to competing in the USA Dance system was its limited offerings of NQE competitions in the middle parts of the country. Coming from Texas, this was specifically disheartening because the culture of ballroom dancing (and specifically competing) in ballroom dance is quite vibrant in the state and the general middle of the country.

Current USA Dance leadership has finally recognized that this is a problem and a huge opportunity for them. They have now announced an expansion of the NQE events to include more convenient locations. The two that I am most excited about are: San Antonio, TX and Oklahoma City, OK. Additionally, what was previously the Baton Rouge event is now being held in New Orleans, LA. What is most exciting is that for the most dedicated among us, a Southwest circuit can now be put together. A couple could attend all of the events I just mentioned without much additional effort.

So I have to say, Well Done USA Dance! I think the new leadership understands its audience and is definitely following through.

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